Self Care

House Hold Items:
Ultra Kosmic 9 is a bamboo tissue company. It is a little different, but it does last long and you'll get use to it over time.
Clean & Cute is a laundry soap company. They have a panty wash that I absolutely love!
Waxing, Facials, Skin Care, Hair Care & More:
Aleah is an Advanced Esthetician located in Akron, OH. She’s great I love her! Best waxes and facials!
Ashley is a Cosmetologist & Skin Care Creator
She created an all natural Rose oil. It's safe for your face, hair and skin. It's great for dry skin, eczema, dandruff, triggers hair growth, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, acne, postpartum shedding , cradle cap & more. It’s really a great product.She also created an Aloe Face wash that I absolutely love! Check her out.  
Jhanae is a Cosmetologist & Hair Care Product Creator
She does my hair and I love it. Plus, her hair products has my hair growing! Also, she has the best boob tape and it's different tones for black and brown women. Check her out. 
Urbanphil is a brand of collaborative products from aspiring entrepreneurs.
Soap, Soap, Soap! I love my soap from Urbanphil. It’s the best and it really works if you sweat around your vaginal area. 
The press on nails are bomb! I was able to get some custom made.
I Am More Than A Barber is beard and skin care line for the men.
We all love a nice soft beard. 
Art & Creatives:
Derin is an artist
She's known for her multicolored detailed drawings of women. Check her out!